Classes for beginning Cabbing and Faceting are conducted at the workshop during normal workshop hours.·


  • Cabbing course – three sessions, includes materials for three styles of cabochon. $75.00.  Space is limited to three students per session.
  • Faceting course – five sessions. $175.00.  Space is limited to two students per session.
  • Solderless Settings – one session. $35.00, includes copper sheet.  Bring your own cabochon to set, as well as a jewelers saw and files.  Contact Karen for course offering dates.
  • Wire Wrapping – sessions and rates vary at the discretion of the instructor.

See class descriptions for scheduling information.  All proceeds go to the FGCGMS.

  • Silversmithing – FGCGMS does not currently offer silversmithing classes.  We suggest you consider the classes taught at the Boca Museum of Art School.   Refer to our Links page for the location.
  • Mineral Study Group – Although not a FGCGMS function, this privately sponsored group, hosted by KC Foster, has a monthly meeting the first Thursday of each month from 7:30 to 10:00pm.  Contact KC at 561-523-4600.  You will learn about crystal systems, how to ID minerals, what reference materials are available and how to collect, mount & display micro-minerals.