Classes for beginning Cabbing and Faceting are conducted at the workshop during normal workshop hours.· Cabbing course – three sessions, includes materials for three styles of cabochon. $75.00
Space is limited to three students per session.

· Faceting course – five sessions. $175.00
Space is limited to two students per session.

See class descriptions for scheduling information. All proceeds go to the FGCGMS.

Silversmithing – FGCGMS does not currently offer silversmithing classes. We suggest you consider the classes taught at the Boca Museum of Art School. Don Dietz is one of the instructors at the school. Refer to our Links page for the location.

Mineral Study Group – Although not a FGCGMS function, this privately sponsored group, hosted by KC Foster has a monthly meeting the first Thursday of each month from 7:30 to 10:00pm. Contact KC at 561-523-4600. You will learn about crystal systems, how to ID minerals, what reference materials are available and how to collect, mount & display micro-minerals.